PRINCE2 (not) for suppliers

Everyone who understands PRINCE2 will realise that the approach is not meant for (internal) suppliers. Many disappointing results (bureaucratic, template driven) originate from wrong usage of PRINCE2 by (internal) suppliers. Especially in IT environments PINO (PRINCE In Name Only) frequently occurs.

Those who state that PRINCE2 is suitable for usage by (internal) suppliers, usually show a lack of knowledge and understanding of the approach. Also often a finger is pointed at the “Tailoring” principle: PRINCE2 should always be adjusted to the environment of the project. But when this principle is applied while undermining other principles, the cure will be worse than the ailment.

This paper will show how PRINCE2 can still be sensibly applied in a supplier’s environment.


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Accredited MSP™ and PRINCE2® trainer.

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