Nico Viergever

Professional in the areas of organizational development, project management and programme management.

MSP and PRINCE2 Trainer.

With over 30 years of experience I help organizations to get more out of their projects and programmes. While many projects fail unnecessarily and predictably in different ways, I offer alternatives to the common views on change.

I am inspired by Dr.Edwards Deming, the man who is widely seen as the driving force behind the Japanese quality-movement. For managing change I combine this philosophy with the ideas of PRINCE2 – focus on the long term investment – and of MSP, in line with well known change experts such as John Kotter.

As a freelance consultant I am based in The Netherlands. But I work worldwide. Over the years I have worked almost everywhere in Europe, and also in countries such as Kenya, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Bangladesh.

Trading as NVi Project Management.
Nico Viergever

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This site offers information about the services and views I offer to improve the results and benefits of your change initiatiaves.

Management consultant. What do I do, what can you expect?

Management of your project or evaluation and advice.

Blog: Views on change, project management and other issues. 

Why do projects fail? What can we do about it?

What do methods like PRINCE2 and MSP add?

Papers: guidance and views on practical and theoretical questions

Free papers (PDF) on theoretical and practical questions.

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