In 2020 Axelos published the 5th edition of Managing Successful Programmes. Because of COVID, only recently in 2022, as a trainer I was made aware of this new edition and had a chance to become familiar with it.

I have been MSP Advanced Practitioner from 2005 to 2020 and a MSP Approved Trainer since 2005 for several training organizations in The Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain.

Also, I have been a PRINCE2 Practitioner and a PRINCE2 Approved Trainer since 2002.

This evaluation assumes good understanding and knowledge of MSP by the reader. It discusses a number of issues, but only a number of in my view critical issues and not all of my issues.

I felt the need to evaluate the 5th edition and, to a lesser extent, the exams. Hopefully it could be used by Axelos to improve the MSP 5th edition and/or the exams.