The MSP approach

It is well known that strategic change contains large risks. Take-overs, cultural changes, strategic change, everyone knows examples of failing programmes.

After initial enthusiasm there is a loss of interest, cynicism increases and business as usual will return. Despite attempts of the leadership change is not happening. Eventually the top lose credibility and contact with the other parts of the organisation and they lose credibility. In a large number of cases even the continuity of the organisation will be in jeopardy.

MSP™ helps to run these programmes more effectively. Like PRINCE2®, MSP™ is a "Best Practice". The approach has the following structure:

  • Principles; the basis on which a controlled programme according to MSP™ is formed. A number of starting points elaborated in:
  • Governance Themes; topics relevant for developing and managing a programme. Consider:
    • Development and maintenance of a vision
    • Leadership and engagement of stakeholders
    • Organisation of the programme
    • Planning and realisation of Benefits
    • Management of risk
  • Transformational Flow; a process model discussing the definition, governance and the closure of a programme.


A short description of MSP™ can be found on here.

About the author

Specialist in effective change.

Accredited MSP™ and PRINCE2® trainer.

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